Back in the Water!

I have way too much energy to not be doing stuff and after my accident i was going insane. The worst part of the whole thing was not being able to do much for nearly two weeks. By the end of it i was going fucking nuts, I couldn’t sleep before 5 am cos i wasnt burning energy during the day. There was of course one exception, my housemate Buddha had his birthday party and i talked him into getting punch for it, which gets me loose. So last saturday night got a bit wild.

Other than that though it was doing my head in until finally on friday id had enough and when Buddha said he was heading up to Canggu for a surf, i was all over it like a rash on a Balinese ladyboy. We got some pretty bangin surf and had a pretty amazing afternoon. I love Canggu when it’s all over cast and rainy a bit. In fact Bali to me is at its best when the weather is like that.

Then, after a big night about on friday, we backed it up again on saturday with more of the same, sick waves, good crew and beautiful skies, even scoring a bit of a lightning show not too far away.

Today we hit Sanur for a few hours and i found out how unfit I was. A few weeks off kills ya I guess. The lads got some bombs and i still had a few pretty good waves, but against an incredibly strong current i had my arse hanging out.

Anyway, i feel great after doing so much and i will definitely be sleeping tonight, so now that im back in the game expect some more stories very soon! Bali is starting to fill for peak season again, im getting psyched, surf is rollin in again…here we go!

Twisted Agave ~ Excited Kid

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2 thoughts on “Back in the Water!

  1. Linsy

    Next time I’m in Bali, I wanna see a rash on a Balinese ladyboy. GNARLY.

  2. kernow

    october i want to be involved… i will be involved since when did you have a choice in hangin out with me…

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