Well it’s been quite a while since I have written. A combination of losing interest in this blog, being extremely busy compared to my usual pace of life and just not feeling like writing much have kept me away from blogging. But I do have quite a few things to write about, there’s been some big things going on in my life, one even life changing for many, though I’m not worried enough about it for it to be life changing which might be stupid, but we will see.

So what happened…
I was supposed to go to San Diego and see some very good friends of mine in April. It would have been a bangin’ trip, partying, surfing a bit down in Mexico and hitting the music festival Coachella. But after being hit by a taxi at the start of the year (see ‘Runaway Taxi’) I was kind of low on funds and had to bail on the trip last minute. I still had some time off work up my sleeve though so I decide to go home and see my family. I miss my family more than I ever have being over here so it was a good chance to get home and see everyone.

I was only supposed to be back in Australia for ten days, well at least that was my plan. On the first Friday I was home my dad had asked me to drop him down at the skin specialist to get the moles on his skin checked out. My family all live in the sun and so should have these checks at least once a year; I hadn’t had one in about 10! As dad was getting out of the car my mum rang to tell me that she had rung ahead and that I could go in with my dad and get mine checked out. Now being the idiot that I am I refused and we had a small argument on the phone. I’m not sure why I refused but it’s just one of those annoying things I normally can’t be bothered doing. I put the phone down only to have dad voice the same concerns about it being so long since I’d had my skin checked and when he finally dropped the ‘ya know you’re mum’s going to hassle you for the next year until you get it done’ I got my arse out the car and trudged inside with him.

Dad got his check first and needed to have a mole removed from his back. Was no danger but just a cautionary removal. With him out of the road the doc turned to me. I took my shirt off and before id even put it down he touched a spot on my back, ‘that looks really bad and definitely needs to come out but I’ll come back to it, let me see the rest of you…’

It hadn’t hit me yet, I knew nothing about the seriousness of moles and what they become.

After deciding there were no other dangerous moles on the rest of me, the doc turned his attention back to this tiny spot just inside my right shoulder blade. ‘This looks really bad mate! With what I’m seeing here this would have killed you before Christmas. Seven months would have been lucky if we didn’t find it and I don’t think it’s too late but I’m not sure, I’ll have to take it out and have it tested!!!’

Oh shit! If I didn’t know much about the dangers of moles before I was about to find out.

Ok so long story short this is how it works, I did not know this!!! On the skin is a mole. When that mole turns cancerous it grows straight down until it hits your bloodstream, which is basically when you’re fucked. The point of no return. From there it spreads to your lymph nodes and glands etc and it’s a very dark road to go down.

So I jump on the bed, local anesthetic, 12 x 8 mm whole punch. Mole out, sent away for testing. Home with the family and dad telling mum what’s just gone down. Me wishing the doc hadn’t of said it in front of dad, not because I didn’t want dad to know but because there’s no way he could have kept it from mum. I probably wasn’t as rattled as I should have been but despite mums positive words I could tell she was more than a little uneasy about it. She’s a worrier.

The wkend goes by, I get pasted with some friends I haven’t seen in a while, catch up with all the family at a family bash on Sunday and just generally try to fit in a million things because I haven’t yet realized I’m not going back on Wednesday when I am supposed to be.

Wednesday lunch time, I’m out with my sister and her beautiful kids, having lunch down at the jetty with the parents. I get back to the car and a voicemail msg on my phone. ‘Hey its the doc here. Get straight in your car and drive straight down here. No need to call ahead I’ll push everything out the road once your here. I can’t say much on the phone but obviously it’s urgent’

So I do just that. Straight in the batmobile speeding to the scene of the crime, or at least where we found out about it.

I nearly kicked open the door I was in such a hurry to see the doc. ‘Ok mate remember what I said about the blood stream and stuff? When we took it out on Friday it was 0.2 of a millimeter away!’

Ok doc and how quick do they grow?

‘If it turns aggressive, up to 4 millimeters in a day’

I guess he could see me doing the maths in my head. ‘Yeh so when we took the sample on Friday to have it tested, if it turned aggressive after that you’d only have a few hours, so all we can do is hope it hasn’t, get you on the bench and cut it out.’

I was already on the bed. Shirt off. Ready to roll. Doc’s messing around with local anesthetic and I’m just thinking ‘fuck that get at it!’

The chunk he took out was 4 cm long, 3.5 wide and 3 deep. Not square but more oval shape. He sent that away to have it tested and make sure we’d gotten the bastard in time and a few days later he rang to give me the all clear.

And just like that life was back to normal. Dodged a bullet, many would say that for me it was ‘another’ bullet as I seem to dodge a few. Either way the only thing left is a scar on my back and a regular check up to make sure it doesn’t come so close again.

Lucky huh!!!

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3 thoughts on “Mole!!!

  1. fucccccck nathan you are one lucky lucky man!!!

  2. tigs

    omg! thats so lucky!!! are you ok now?

  3. jade

    ooooh that was our weekend Hawt Nath – no wonder you were a lil not so hawt, freakin love you champ, so gald it was all fixed up MWAH

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