Twisted Agave Update

It’s been a frustrating year so far. I live to be active and make the most of life but this year; unfortunately, I’ve been slowed by injuries. Shit I have only surfed a handful of times and it’s June!!!! First the taxi incident, (see ‘Runaway Taxi’) then my extended trip home because of my own little skin cancer scare (See Mole!) and most recently I have cut my foot open pretty badly surfing. Well it’s not actually that bad I don’t think but it’s just in the shittest spot possible.

It’s right across the top balls of my right foot, which is a really awkward place to have such a bad cut. I went to the hospital here but being Bali they were going to sting me a small fortune to put 6 stitches in it so I canned that and just filled it with super glue. After cleaning it of course. Amazing stuff super glue.

So it is now Monday and since last Wednesday I have only really left my room to go to work. It’s not enough to keep me from getting depressed so I am starting to turn emo but hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I’m back on my feet. The main problem with it is the bruising. Every time I stand up and all the blood rushes south it starts to swell up and throb. It is shit.

No point whinging though, it’s starting to get pretty exciting around Bali. All the repeat offenders are rolling back in for another winter season of surf, sun, parties and of course Alleycats! Alleycats is our local, we all love it there and I’ll speak about it more another time.

In the last few days I have seen five old Alleycats crew return to the hedonistic tourist district of Kuta!

On top of that the swell is rolling back in and the last 10 days all the famous reef breaks of Bali’s west coast have been firing!

Not long now friends! Not long at all! If you haven’t booked your ticket over yet, you better get on it!

Twisted Agave ~ Emo Kid

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2 thoughts on “Twisted Agave Update

  1. kernow

    2nd oct…

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