Running Commentary

What have I been up to? …umm

Played host at the second Bali Brawl Friday night and what a cracking event. Those fighters are fucking mental. The chick fight was definitely a crowd favorite! Those girls are ferocious!!!! I was scared to go in and interview them after the fight. It was a pretty bumper night all up with awesome fights. Some pretty rad pics coming soon!

I can almost walk properly again!!! I’m so psyched, its been nearly a month since I cut my foot open surfing and I should have been all healed up a few weeks ago but having the cut on the bottom of my foot proved to be one of the most annoying experiences of my life, a touch worse than having two little brothers. It had closed up within a fortnight of being cut open only to be painfully reopened one night when I was getting on my bike to head into the bar and I kicked it open on the peg! That hurt more than the original slice from the fin of my surfboard. Since then it’s been a constant struggle to keep it on the mend. But its almost there. Hopefully within the next three or four days I will be back in the water surfing and back in the gym training to maybe jump in the ring myself sometime in the future. Oh and back jumping off the cliff’s we found just south of Jimbaran bay! Some Austrian friends and I went exploring last week after a lengthy conversation about how cool it would be if there were some decent sized ledges to jump off of and found some suitable peaks. Check out ‘Look Before You Leep!’ for the full story and pictures.

As a result of way too much energy for just one human being and not being able to do a whole lot with it, I haven’t been sleeping a whole lot, only five or six hours most nights. Not so great when I’m bored and lying in bed staring at the ceiling most nights.

I have been trying to avoid nights out as well, given that when I go out I often do a little damage to the cut and add a few more days to the recovery time. But seriously, trying to avoid nights out for me is like England trying to be good at soccer because they invented it, it’s just not happening. So there’s been some pretty funny happenings.

Definitely lot’s of nudity including a pretty funny ‘helicopter’ showing on the bar at Eikon! Hey, it’s what I do!

It’s time I introduce everyone to Walter, check out ‘Where’s Walter’ which is coming soon, for some funny shenanigans from the past!!!

On the whole Bali is really firing up now and there’s so many crew rolling in so I’m pretty stoked! Special shout out to my two San Diegan homies that are making their way slowly towards Kuta. See you girls soon!

A small favor folks, if you like what you see on this blog, anywhere, please drop us a flare and let me know, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far and it really helps me get a feel for what you all want to hear about, so hit me up!

More to come in the next day or two! It’s all happenin down here!!!

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2 thoughts on “Running Commentary

  1. hoorah

    mate you need to be back on the program cos i need more funny shit to laugh at!!!

  2. lucy

    update update!!! work is boring

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