Bali Vs Australia 1

Bali Vs Australia Part 1

There are many reasons I have found to spend more time in Bali than Australia and we can explore them here over a collection of posts, since I am way to lazy to just discuss them all in one long post, and I think that would be kind of boring anyway. Please feel free to post comments below with any questions or arguments or even just random thoughts about lovin life where you live.

Today’s reason is the nightlife. And in particular what you can get away with when you are out in Bali.

I’m not good to go out with, this is well known. I am very hard to keep track of and often forget I am out with friends and just run off and do my own thing. It’s best to just head out and keep an eye out for a guy doing front rolls and bad break dancing. Yeah I’m that guy.

And here you can get away with it!

I don’t even know the reasoning behind it but for some reason whenever I’m getting my dance on, a big part of it is shirt over the head, front roll to cockroach on the d.f. followed by some looking up skirts or maybe even a bit of the worm. I love it.

And while it might get you rolled like the car that killed Peter Brock in an Australian club, here the bouncer’s just laugh and call play on.

About a week ago I was at Eikon after a heavy night at Alleycats and definitely feeling the effects of a little liquor. Glued to the bar smashing tequila shots with Matt the saffa, we both seemed to have the exact same idea at exactly the same time and after knocking one back we climbed onto the bar. This is a packed nightclub full of good looking girls and well, lets just say no young men in bintang singlet’s, and Matt and I are on the bar dancing. After no time at all shit got real and we both dropped our pants and tried our best to keep the crowd cool with our own version of the human helicopter! Puppetry of the penis is always a fantastic fucken idea after a few tequila’s and me and Matty were on fire. Swinging schlongs like it was the epileptic hammer throw event at the Special Olympics.

I’m pretty sure Matty got pulled off the bar by some English girls and was straight into conversation about politics while I tried to climb down and ended up falling on the floor and doing some sort of weird ground humping movement to the beat of the music.

Still not a bouncer in sight!

While some people might be a little put off by this sort of behavior (blow a cow if you are) especially since Eikon is actually the one place in Kuta where dickheads (other than myself) aren’t normally allowed to get too excited, I actually love this shit. I have a great time getting loose and it’s definitely a talking point with the ladies. ‘Hey I saw you on the bar with your wang out, must be a little cold in here hey’. The lad’s seem to get a kick out of it, in fact everyone seems to have a laugh and it is definitely today’s reason for me spending as much time as I do in Bali.

So there it is, Bali 1, Australia 0

Reason- cos you can get loose as fuck!

Twisted Agave

~Front Flipping Fauna~

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2 thoughts on “Bali Vs Australia 1

  1. shyree

    So, so true Natie… Lost count of the amount of times i’ve seen you get it out on the dancefloor… Bless..

  2. caitlin

    ahahah uno cuz i love reading ur helerious storys, ur one funny bloke 🙂

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