Around The Island Pt1

The Frothdogg and I with our Trusty Avanza

Got a case of the old itchy feet the other day so I grabbed an Avanza off of Eddy’s car rentals, loaded it up with a couple of Scandinavia’s finest and me old mate Ando the Frothdogg and took off for the island’s western corner. After the temple at Tanah Lot, Medewi and Balian Beaches and an edge of your seat ride up the side of a Volcano, we spent the night in Pemulatan. Nice lil spot, got some grinds and checked into a little bed n brekky up there.

Beach just near Balian

Spiderman comes from Bali! Here they are training the next swinging hero!

Good night sleep, was as tired as Paris Hilton looked in that porno a few years back. Up early and back on the road. Stopped in at a little beach and had a swim, jumped off a jetty, all the shit that the cool kids do.

Chowing down on some Padang food!

Back on the gravel and our final stop Git Git waterfalls. Fuckin amazing! Words don’t do it justice so check out the pics! Boom!

Ando and Jasmin, about 30m in front of the Twin Waterfalls


Take that scando!

Lake Batur, right between two massive volcanoes, stopped in for lunch on the way home

This was our view most of the way home, Bali is so beautiful

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2 thoughts on “Around The Island Pt1

  1. Elyse

    Pffft I can’t wait to teach that puny, trickle of a waterfall a lesson.

  2. Linsy

    Sick pictures Natey; Bali never fails.

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