Just Out The Door-Balian

Local Bikie Gang hangin on the beach

The parties in Kuta for the past two months have been mind bending, in every way possible. And have definitely resulted in a solid need for some r’n’r around the island. Living next door to Kuta in Seminyak the options are endless. A short drive south is the Bukit Peninsular. A little drive due north takes me through the volcanoes and to the Git Git waterfalls. A couple of hours west are the surf villages of Balian and Medewi and if all that fails it takes about an hour and a half to hop over to the neighbouring island of Lembongan.

my travel buddy ando

As I write this I am actually sitting next to a temple on the cliff at the northern end of Balian. It’s quite overcast with the threat of rain which I enjoy, the sun is shining through the clouds way out to the west and reveals the eastern point of Java, where I imagine the long left at G Land is probably pumping. The surf here isn’t really working with such a low tide diminishing what little swell there is and the onshore wind that seems to have followed the clouds destroying anything that makes it close enough to shore to break.

View from the Balian Cliff

I love the serenity Bali has to offer in small pockets such as this. It keeps me sane and often helps me clear my head if I find myself thinking too much.

Ayu's Warung On Top Of the Balian Cliff

I first came up to Balian a few years ago now and it has changed dramatically with the rest of Bali. A little more than I would have hoped but since I am part of the influx of western society I cant really knock it.

Brekky! Umm Chicken with peanut sauce and umm...rice/porridge stuff

The place is still beautiful though and here are some pictures of my current surroundings.

Lunchtime Grinds

I will follow soon with pictures of the places previously mentioned and many more, to try to show you how ‘tough’ life is over here!!!

Driver Bagus!

Frothin In Shower

Froth doing his gay boy band 'walk to nowhere' pic

Balian Surf

The Cliff Where I Wrote This Piece

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