Why Violence???

There’s been a lot of violence around lately, well I guess that’s the way of the world now, but in the past month I seem to have found myself in the middle of violent confrontations a lot more than I would like to.

Why do people go out looking for fights? I’m not against fighting, I know that’s not what a lot of people want to hear, but I think there’s a time and place when it is the best option to bring things to a fair conclusion. But a lot of people and here in Bali, a lot of young Australians seem to feel an overwhelming urge to go out and act violently towards the Indonesian people, towards other tourists, towards women and towards each other. Basically anyone they can find a reason to target is in the firing line.

Last Friday night I was hit in the head with a bottle, twice! A fight broke out between some friends of mine and it wasn’t in any way a scenario where violence was needed. It was between friends, over a girl and all very petty so we stepped in to break things up, I grabbed a good friend of mine Matt, in a bear hug from behind and started pulling him away. I tripped and found myself down on one knee and then- I remember an explosion. That’s really the only way to describe it. Not a boom, but a pop, just like the sound we used to make as kids by putting one finger in our mouths and pushing swiftly against the opposite cheek and flicking it out. Pop. Except this time it was a bottle exploding on the very top of my head. I released my hold on Matt and turned to stand up when the second Bottle landed. Pop. This time striking the left side of my forehead.

I was bleeding profusely from multiple cuts on the top and side of my head, I had a few lumps as well and was definitely sore for a few days after. But that’s not really what bothers me. Not that I’m happy about it, but I was very lucky to have not received any bad cuts-I dodged a bullet, and there is a much bigger issue here.

Once the fight had been broken up and everything had calmed down it became apparent that he had no ties to anyone involved in the fight we were trying to break up. I mentioned they were all friends of mine and so I asked everyone who the fuck this guy was and no one had any idea. For a lot of reasons I couldn’t ask him so I will never know what he was thinking but to the best of my knowledge this coward saw a fight break out and then, had a brain fart, thought he would get involved, and just started swinging bottles into the crowd!

The fucking low life!

I said sometimes there is a need for a fight and if this was it then we wouldn’t have gotten involved, but it was all wrong time and place and reason and between friends so we had every right to get involved.

But this cowardly piece of vaginal discharge that thought he would get involved, and by swinging bottles at people facing the opposite direction and down on one knee…what the fuck?

And unfortunately friends, that’s not the most gutless violent incident I have been involved in recently.

I don’t often go down to the Bounty because it’s full of the exact arseholes I’m talking about. But one night I thought I would give it a shake, why not, hadn’t been there in a while.

As I turned off of the main road to go into the bounty I was confronted with a scene I still find disgusting.

About 20 people all standing around, not wanting to get involved as an Australian guy (aussie aussie aussie-shut up!) shook a girl by her face. She was crying and trying to push him off but couldn’t really make any sound because his grip on her face was so tight. And again, no one was doing anything. It’s not that they didn’t seem bothered, but they just weren’t willing to go to her aid.

I hit him, a few times and normally I would be very embarrassed to admit that. It is still an embarrassing scenario to be involved in but I’m not unhappy with my reaction. In fact I would do it again.

I found out what had happened was, Cockface walked past the girl on his way into the Bounty and as he did he grabbed her face and kissed her as some sort of joke with his friends. She arced up and had a go at him, I presume something along the lines of ‘don’t fucking grab me you arsehole’. His reaction- he grabbed her face and shook her yelling ‘I’ll fucking grab you anytime I fucking want cunt!’ and that’s when I walked around the corner.

Really? Is this what we somehow consider acceptable these days? I know from you all I will get a resounding no. But really? Everyone stood around and refused to get involved. His friends even stuck up for him once he and I had had our fight and if not for the fact I had some friends show up I would have been beaten up by a group of about ten. And what’s really scary is, this is an almost nightly occurrence these days. Don’t say it’s isolated to Bali either. My recent trip back to Western Australia was just as bad, fortunately there though bouncer’s are more willing to get involved.

And what about the cocksucker himself? Where did the idea come from that it would be ok? Did he think she was going to go ‘Oh umm ok yes you can kiss me, in fact let’s go home and fuck?’.  Or was he really just out to hurt somebody?

There’s been a few more I won’t waste your time with but friends, one- please be careful, especially all you girls. And two- lad’s especially, if you see some scum like this I hope you don’t stand there and watch.

Twisted Agave ~ Concerned Citizen

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One thought on “Why Violence???

  1. chaz

    what did you do after he hit you with the bottles?

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