Trooper Of The Week!!!

I dont mind a drink, i know a lot of you realise this but i also get very proud to see other friends carrying the flag. This weeks Trooper Of The Week award has to go to my darling brisbanian friend, Louise, who in less than an hour after this photo was taken, was seen dancing up a storm on dancefloors all across Brisvegas. Kicking on til 4 am too!! True World Froth Movement trooper right there! Check the other pics below!

The only way to push on through…Shots!

On the way up, someone call a taxi, will be ready to roll in five!

Keep troopin homies,


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3 thoughts on “Trooper Of The Week!!!

  1. Louise Phillips

    Thanks for that one sunshine.. such a good friend.

  2. Bella

    hahaha Jessie and me feeding her more alcohol and chasers… poor louise

  3. Jess

    I would like to add that there was an incident this same night (possibly just minutes before) that involved whole olives being er…..thrown / hurled into the apartments kitchen sink by the very same person in these pictures.

    i would also like to add that it was me who can be seen in the first picture feeding numerous additional shots to an almost passed out Louise.

    If only this happened more often….

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