Wolfmother Rock The Temple Of Enthusiasm

The story goes Wolfmother were up in Jakarta playing a concert when an impromptu gig at Dustin Humphrey’s new joint in Canggu, Deus, was dropped in their lap. No one says no to being involved with anything D.Hump does so the next night, after Tai Graham’s band Pandora vibed the crowd into a frothing mass, the lads got all rockstar and dropped what sounded like a greatest hits album. Fucking amazing. Joker and The Thief, White Unicorn, Woman and all the rest of their hits along with some funky rock covers. Epic night. Having been thrown together so quick there was no stage, no security, no void between fans and the ones they had come to see. It was a very rare experience. The only thing keeping the mosh pit from consuming the nights stars were the sound waves of rock being blasted from the speakers and nothing more. Fucking rockstar!!! Special kid mention to my girl China who saw lead singer Andrew about 10 minutes after the gig upstairs having a drink and asked ‘what did you think of the band?’. Our laughter was loud and the answer took a long time to come. “Umm well this is a first’ He muttered before someone pointed out who he was. Not half an hour later she was telling the rest of the band that she loved it so much she was going to download all their albums…’on limewire…its free’. China, stop talking….

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